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:: NEWS :: NShape 2.3.0 released with support for embedded images in NShape files, moving diagrams by dragging, a significant increase in the number of layers, and many other features and improvements. For a complete list of changes see..

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Have you got questions about one of our products? Do you want to download a service release? Do you need technical support? Would you like to read and learn more about database subjects? Please choose from our support offerings.

:: Frequently Asked Questions
Sorted by products you find answers to frequent questions regarding technical an general subjects.

:: Additional Material
A page with links to additional documentation, samples, applications and much more. These materials are provided partly by dataweb and partly by the user community.

:: Discussion Forum
Discuss with other users online about dataweb products. Our support team is actively present in this forum as well.

:: Product Documentation
Here you will find the current documentation of our products.


:: Partners
Companies and people with whom we cooperate, who build products with dataweb tools, who offer information on dataweb products or sell add-on components.

:: E-Mail Support
If the preceding options do not help you, we welcome your e-mail to our renowned excellent support team. Technical problems, wishes, suggestions and bug reports are gladly accepted.

:: Newsletter
Stay always informed about new versions and products.

:: NShape Feedback
Your opinion counts!
Tell us what you think about NShape.

:: Articles
A set of articles written by dataweb employees and published in professional journals.

:: Database and SQL Links
Resources regarding databases and SQL.

:: ISAPI Links
Resources for ISAPI programming with MS IIS and other Web servers.