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:: NEWS :: NShape 2.3.0 released with support for embedded images in NShape files, moving diagrams by dragging, a significant increase in the number of layers, and many other features and improvements. For a complete list of changes see..

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We sell our products through the vendor Share-It!, a service of Digital River Inc. Thereby we can offer you a broader set of payment options and maximum availability.

If you buy a license through this shop, Share-It! is the vendor of the products and your contractual partner. If you have technical questions regarding the product, please turn to us.

As soon as you have concluded the purchase via Share-It!, you will receive a license via e-mail in most cases within the same day, at the latest the next working day. With this license you can activate an already installed trial version to be fully licensed. If you did not yet install a version, please download it from "Service Releases".

When you activate the product you accept our license agreement, which is displayed during installation. Please observe, that our developer products may only be installed on one developer machine each. If there is more than one computer, you need a license for each of them. The distribution of application programs created with our products is royalty-free.

Choose a product group in the table below. Editions and upgrade options can be selected in the next step. Of course you can leave the shop at any time, if you just want to check the offered editions and prices.

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