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Microsoft's ISAPI interface has become a standard for powerful CGI applications. dataweb is working with this API for years and has gathered a lot of experience in this time. We want to share this knowledge with you. On this page you find links and downloads for everybody who is writing or working with ISAPI applications.

Last updated: 2006-07-20

Introductory Pages

Microsoft: Original Microsoft documentation for the IS application program interface (English).

Lost World: ISAPI Homepage with a small sample project (German).

Compass Point Limited: Information, tutorials and links on ISAPI programming witn Visual C++ and Delphi (English).

Windows ITPro: Basic ISAPI knowledge for network administrators.

Delphi 3000: Article on how to write a simple ISAPI Filter with Delphi (English, free membership required).

ISAPI for Pros

Stephen Genusa: Last updated in 1996 this site by the former ISAPI guru can still be of some value (English).

Programming with ISAPI with Visual Basic 5: A couple of frequently asked questions on ISAPI (English).

15 Seconds: Frequently asked questions about ISAPI, Internet Information Server and related topics (English).

Google Directory: ISAPI Links (English).

new.architect: Article by Jay Frazier on managing IIS in a shared-server environment using ISAPI filters.

EnduraSoft: This article by Kenn Scribner explains how to implement the SOAP protocol on ISAPI (English).

Code Guru: ISAPI section containing articles and sample code (English). ISAPI tutorial for Delphi developers by Hadi Hariri (English).

Sample Code

Mindcraft: Source code for a module that generates load for ISAPI 2.0 interfaces (English).

The Code Project: Some ISAPI projects in C++ for download (English).

Free ISAPI Tools by dataweb

ISAPI Manager: There is a problem when developing and using ISAPI Extensions for MS IIS coming from the fact, that there is no IIS command to unload a single loaded extension. This way each time you have to exchange your extension for reasons of bug fixing or enhancing you will have to down the server und then to restart. While this might be no problem in an intranet where you can access the server directly it is very combersum if you are not the network manager or if your server is at your provider.
ISAPI Manager is an ISAPI DLL, that enables you to manage your own ISAPI library remotely. ISAPI manager is loaded before your ISAPI DLL and such allows loading and unloading of your DLL over the web. The functions are password protected. ISAPI Manager is freeware but you may not delete or modify the copyright (english).
Download ISAPI Manager

Local ISA Client: With Local ISA Client you don't need an Internet Server to execute your ISAPI DLL locally. Local ISA Client is a web browser with integrated ISAPI interface and opens completly new possibilities for your ISAPI extension. It is not only a gread testing tool, it also makes your ISAPI DLL a complete application if distributed with Local ISA Client. Local ISA Client is freeware but you may not delete the info window, the copyright and the dataweb domain address (english).
Download Local ISA Client

ISAPI Tools and Products from Other Vendors

newObjects: NewObjects offers ISAPI filters for authentication, redirection and other purposes.

BestCode: An ISAPI filter component to make programming ISAPI filters easier.

Dr. Bob: Dr. Bob's IntraBob is a free ISAPI debugging tool similar to dataweb's Local ISA.

Books on ISAPI

Most ISAPI books are out of print and not on stock at the big book shops. At the time of this writing only the first four books in this list are available. However, thanks to Amazone's used books section, you can still buy almost all of these.

Inside ISAPI: Jeffrey Trent (Editor), Chris Wuestefeld, Jim Clemens; New Riders Publishing, 1997.
Concentrates on filters and seems to neglect extension.

Active X Web Programming: Adam Blum; Wiley 1996.
The book contains four chapters on ISAPI programming.

Essential Wininet: Aaron Skonnard; Addison-Wesley, 1998

High Performance ISAPI/NSAPI Web Programming: Tony Beveridge and Paul McGlashan;
Coriolis Group, 1997
Introductory level.

Programming Isapi With Visual Basic 5: Wayne S. Freeze; Premier Press, 1997

Professional C++ Isapi: Michael Tracy; Wrox Press, 1996
Paperback, 273 pages

Using ISAPI: Stephen Genusa; Que Corporation, 1997. Library of Congress Catalog No: 96-71453. ISBN: 0-7897-0913-9
A great book on programming ISAPI extensions and ISAPI filters using C++.