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:: NEWS :: NShape 2.3.0 released with support for embedded images in NShape files, moving diagrams by dragging, a significant increase in the number of layers, and many other features and improvements. For a complete list of changes see..

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TurboDB Server

Slim Database Server 

For larger numbers of concurrent users, a database server is required to reduce file access conflicts. TurboDB Server is 100% compatible with TurboDB for VCL and TurboDB for ODBC and allows for easiest switching at run-time.

Because of their working principle, desktop databases have their limits, when the number of concurrent users raises too high.

With TurboDB Server, you can upscale your TurboDB application without any modifications to the existing source code. Our TurboDB access components for VCL allow to switch between the embedded database engine and any reachable TurboDB server at run-time.

The trials can be used without any functional restriction for 30 days. For complete information on the trial editions, please refer to "Downloads".

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TurboDB Server 6

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:: Requirements

TurboDB Server runs as a Windows service and connects to its clients via Windows Named Pipes. The service has a compact configuration interface for managing the server databases. Creating databases is also possible via the VCL components.
TurboDB Server runs on all desktop operating systems beginning with Windows XP and server operating systems beginning with Windows Server 2003.

:: Ease of Deployment

A database server can never be as easy to deploy as an embedded database. Nevertheless, we have done our best to make it as simple as possible.
The database server is a single file that can be put anywhere on the target machine. It installs itself as Windows service when run with a command line option.
The only things you have to configure are the names by which the databases are reachable over the network.

:: Licensing

A license for TurboDB Server 6 together with a license of TurboDB VCL 6 is valid for an unlimited number of client-side installations.