TurboDB VCL Component Library

TurboDB Overview

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TurboDB is a full-featured multi-user database engine and a set of data access components for accessing TurboDB database tables in your Delphi/C++ Builder application.

TurboDB for VCL

TurboDB Engine and TurboDB Components are 100% Delphi code. TurboDB Components are very close in use to the BDE data access components included in Delphi Professional and Delphi Enterprise.

Compared to these BDE components TurboDB offers the following advantages:

Smaller executables, no additional dlls to deploy besides your exe-file
No special installation and/or configuration needed
Unicode is fully supported in strings and memos
Tables can be encrypted
Full-text indexing for very fast keyword search

Compared to the database client components for InterBase and MySQL, TurboDB offers a lot of advantages. TurboDB

is much easier to install and configure
offers table creation and altering within the IDE
includes a table component to access database data without SQL statements
is highly compatible to BDE, so you can migrate very quickly
offers much more functionality via methods and properties


You need one of the following Embarcadero development tools to work with TurboDB 6: Delphi 6/7/2005/2006/2007/2009/2010/XE Professional and above, C++ Builder 6/2006/2007/2009/2010/XE Professional and above.

TurboDB (like any other database access technology) will not work with any Personal or Open Edition of Delphi/C++ Builder because of missing base technology by Embarcadero.


TurboDB is available in different versions and editions. If you have further questions please read the FAQ or consult the TurboDB team at dataweb. TurboDB is based on the TurboDB database engine that is included in the TurboDB package.

TurboDB for .NET

dataweb offers also a database engine for .NET which is specifically written in C# and does not require any additional access rights to execute. See our homepage for more information on this product.