TurboDB VCL Component Library

First Steps

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After the installation procedure as described in readme.txt the component palette of your Delphi or C++ Builder IDE contains an additional page called TurboDB and the contents of your online-help includes the TurboDB chapter.

A good point to start is the demo application included with your TurboDB package. It is to be found in the samples subdirectory of your installation folder. Just open the Delphi project file tdbdemo.dpr within the IDE and run it. Perhaps you have to adjust the database names of the TurboDB tables using the object inspector.

When you decide to start with your own project, you will need to create appropriate database tables. The TurboDB package includes visual tool called TurboDB Viewer for this and related tasks. It is located in the windows\bin subdirectory of your installation folder. Another way is to use the table component editor within the IDE.

To start a new project using TurboDB you must:

1.Create a new project in the IDE.
2.Add a TTdbTable component to your form for each database table you need.
3.Open the component menu of each TTdbTable component and select Properties to define the table schema.
4.Set the Active property of the TTdbTable component to true, to open the database table.
5.Be sure to have the windows\delphiX, or windows\cbX subdirectory of your TurboDB installation folder included in the Delphi search path. (Replace the X by your version of Delphi, C++ Builder.)


Use the TurboDB as you are used to from the BDE database components. This help documents each method and each property available with TurboDB.