TurboDB VCL Component Library

Using a Full-text Index at Run-time

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If you have created a full-text index you can use it to locate records containing one or more given keywords in just a few milliseconds.

To use a full-text index at run-time, you have to:

1.Place at TTdbTable component for the table your are searching in on your form.
2.Only old type full-text indexes need an additional table component for the dictionary table. Set the FullTextTable property of the first table component to the this table component.
3.For the old style full-text index: At design-time or at run-time set the WordFilter property of the first table component to the keyword or the full-text expression your are looking for. E.g. set:
WordFilter := 'Embarcadero';
The syntax for keyword filter expressions is explained in "Full-Text Search-Conditions".
4.Now you can work with this filter like you are used to from normal filters. You may employ the FindFirst, FindNext, FindPrior and FindLast methods to locate the record or you can just set the Filtered property to True.
5.You may also combine word filters with standard filter-conditions by setting the WordFilter property and the Filter (or FilterW) property at the same time.