TurboDB VCL Component Library



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Contains information about the foreign key constraints for a table.

Delphi Syntax:

property ForeignKeyDefs: TTdbForeignKeyDefs;

C++ Syntax:

__property TdbDataSet::TTdbForeignKeyDefs* ForeignKeyDefs = {read=FForeignKeyDefs, write=SetForeignKeyDefs, stored=FStoreDefs};


ForeignKeyDefs is a collection of foreign key definitions, each of which describes one foreign key constraint for the table. Define the foreign key definitions of a table before calling CreateTable or AlterTable.

If ForeignKeyDefs is updated or manually edited, the StoreDefs property becomes true.

Note: The information in ForeignKeyDefs may not always reflect the current keys available for a table. Before examining FulltextIndexDefs, call its Update method to refresh the list.