TurboDB VCL Component Library



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Indicates the number of records a table must be able to store at least.

Delphi syntax:

property Capacity: LongInt;

C++ syntax:

__property long Capacity = {read, write, nodefault};


While all database tables in TurboDB can hold up to 2 billion records, indexes are limited depending on the key size and page size. Set this property before creating or altering a table to make sure subsequent indexes will be created with the correct settings. There is no need to set this property correctly, an order of magnitude is sufficient. If you think your table will contain up to 100,000 records, set this property to 200,000 etc. Indexes for this will then have a capacity of at least the given number but mostly larger. (The real capacity of an index can be seen in TurboDB Viewer.) The purpose of this property is therefore mainly one of optimization.


This property can be set only for tables of level 4 and higher. When creating indexes for older tables, the capacity is taken from the property IndexCapacity in the Database component.