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Create a new 2nd generation full-text index for the table.

Delphi Syntax:

procedure TTdbTable.AddFulltextIndex2(
       const Name, Fields, Dictionary: AnsiString;
       const Separators: UnicodeString = ''

C++ Syntax:

void __fastcall AddFulltextIndex2(
       const AnsiString Name,
       const AnsiString Fields,
       const AnsiString Dictionary,
       const UnicodeString Separators = ""


This method is available for table level 4 and above only. It adds a new updatable full-text index to the table. Name is the name of the index, Fields a comma-separated list of fields to include in the index and Dictionary the name of the full-text index table containing all the words.

Separators is a list of separating characters when the text in the table or a search-condition are broken down into words. If an empty string is passed, a default separator list is used:


If a non-empty string is passed, all characters with an encoding < 32 plus the given characters are regarded as separators.


User-defined separators are available only in table level 6 and above. Trying to specify them for a table of a lower level will result in an "Unsupported table feature" exception.

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