TurboDB VCL Component Library



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Holds additional information for the field definition according to the field type.

Delphi syntax:

property Specification: string;

C++ syntax:

__property AnsiString Specification = {read=FSpec, write=FSpec};


Specification has different meanings depending on the field type of the field definition:

For textual fields (string, wide string, memo, wide memo), Specification holds the name of the collation. If the property is an empty string, the collation TurboDB is used.
For enumeration fields Specification holds the enumeration values in a comma-separated format.
For link and relation fields Specification defines the name of the table to link to.
Field definitions of auto-increment fields save the indication in this property. This is a field name or a comma-separated list of fields of the table associated with the TTdbFieldDef which define the values to display as a readable reference to the linked record in link and relation fields. (See "The Concept of Automatic Linking")