TurboDB VCL Component Library


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Points to the list of field definitions for the dataset.

Delphi syntax:

property FieldDefsTdb: TTdbFieldDefs;

C++ syntax:

__property TTdbFieldDefs* FieldDefsTdb = {read=GetFieldDefsTdb, write=SetFieldDefsTdb};


FieldDefsTdb lists the field definitions for a dataset in a way specific to TurboDB. While an application can examine FieldDefsTdb to explore the field definitions for a dataset, it should not change these definitions unless creating a new table with CreateTable.

When you add, delete or modify field definitions in FieldDefsTdb, changes are reflected in the standard TDataSet.FieldDefs and vice versa. Use FieldDefsTdb to access the special fields and features of TurboDB like enumerations, links and relations. Use FieldDefs to work with TTdbDataSet in a way compatible to TDataSet.

To access fields and field values in a dataset, use the Fields, AggFields, and FieldValues properties, and the FieldsByName method.