TurboDB VCL Component Library



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Specifies whether the AutoInc values should be calculated anew during import.

Delphi Syntax:

property RecalcAutoInc: Boolean;

C++ Syntax:

__property bool RecalcAutoInc = {read=FRecalcAutoInc, write=FRecalcAutoInc, default=0}


Set this property to True, if you want to import records containing AutoInc values and if those records have values already present in the destination table. If the property is set to true, TurboDB will calculate new unique values for the imported AutoInc fields. If the property is set to false, TurboDB will try to keep the AutoInc values from the source table. In this case it may happen, that your table contains duplicate AutoInc values. Use SetNextAutoIncValue to define, at which point the auto-increment values shall be continued after the import.

Note: If your application relies on the imported AutoInc values for table relationships, you will loose the links between the tables, if you set RecalcAutoInc to true.