TurboDB VCL Component Library

Translating the User Interface

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TurboDB produces three kinds of error messages: Context messages, error descriptions and error reason messages. All message  texts can be found in the Object Pascal unit TdbMessages.pas. This unit is delivered as source code with every edition of TurboDB. It currently contains all message texts in English and German. The default language is English.

If you want to use the German messages, you must:

1)Define the symbol GERMAN in the conditional defines in the project options.
2)Be sure to include TdbMessages.pas in the unit search path.
3)If you are using C++ Builder, you must include the unit TdbMessages.pas in your project, too.

If you want to use the messages in another language, you can translate them by yourself and include them in the unit TdbMessages.pas, guarded by the appropriate conditional define. When you send us your translation of the messages, we will include them in the sources. This way others can profit from your work and you need not adjust the source code every time, you get a new version.