TurboDB Engine Documentation

Installing the Server


To install the TurboDB Server

1.Copy the file TurboDBService.exe into the TurboDB installation directory.
2.Run TurboDBService.exe with the /install command line argument to install the service on Windows.
3.Make sure, that the service is reachable via Windows named pipes. This is the case if the client and the server are in the same domain or if the domain of the client is trusted to the server domain.
4.Open the Windows services window, locate the TurboDB Server and open the properties window.
5.Enable Allow service to interact with desktop for the service.
6.Close the properties window and start the service.

Since the service runs under the local system account, this account must have the required access rights for file access and named pipes communication.

To uninstall the TurboDB Server

1.Run TurboDBService.exe with the /uninstall command line argument to uninstall the service on Windows.