Connection Properties

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The TurboDB ODBC driver contains an integrated graphical interface for easily editing connection parameters used by ODBC subsystem.

This dialog is divided in three main parts:


DSN Information

Connection name used by the ODBC subsystem

Connection Parameters

Data location and opening modes (see Page 1)

Additional Parameters

Debug settings (see Page 2)


DSN Information

Data Source Name

The ODBC name to access the data in your calling application


optional description for this entry



Page 1: Necessary parameters to access TurboDB data files


Connection Parameters

Database Location

Directory or database file, your tables are stored in


password, if data is encrypted. Leave blank for unencrypted data

Read Only

If checked, then tables are opened with read access only. Changing the data is prohibited


If checked, then tables are opened in single user mode preventing other users to open it



Page 2: Optional parameters, mostly used for debug purposes


Additional Options

Minimum Log Level

For debug purposes it's possible to enable a log file. The level depends how much info is written in the log file.

Note: Logging slows down your connection speed. By default logging is disabled.

Private Directory

Directory to store temporary tables and log files. If blank then the default temp directory will be used