NShape User Tasks
Setting the Shape Font via the Design Editor

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NShape User Tasks
Setting the Shape Font via the Design Editor

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The font of a shape is determined through its character style. You can either assign another character style to the shape (either directly or via its template) or you can modify the existing character style in the Design Editor. The character style on its turn refers to a color styles, which defines the font's actual color.

When you want to set the shape's font color via the Design Editor, you may either modify its character style or the color style referred by character style.

Assigning a Font to the Shape's Character Style in the Design Editor

1.Select the shape in the diagram and check the name of its fill style in the property window.

2.Open the Design Editor (View > Show Design Editor) and activate the tab Fill Styles.

3.Select the shape's character style, click on its FontName property and select a font from the drop down list.


Modifications to the character style will influence all templates and shapes referencing it. If you want another font for only one template, create a new character style and assign it to the template.