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Shape.CanConnect Method

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NShape Reference
Shape.CanConnect Method

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Returns true if a connection between the specified connection points of this shape and the other shape is feasible.


public abstract bool CanConnect(ControlPointId ownPointId, Shape otherShape, ControlPointId otherPointId);


CalculateRelativePosition and CalculateAbsolutePosition are used to keep track of a point relative to another shape even when that shape moves or is resized. For example, a label stores its anchor as a relative position of the labeled shape. Therefore the anchor follows all movements and modifications of the labeled shape.

Note for implementers:

The meaning of RelativePosition entirely depends on the shape. For instance, a circle shape might store the angle between itself and the coordinate in A and the number of radiuses between its center and the coordinate in B. Depending on the way, how the relative position is calculated, the point defined by this relative position moves differently when the shape is rotated, moved or resized.





The (active or passive) control point id of this shape.


The partner shape for the connection


The (passive or active) control point id of the other shape

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