NShape Reference
AutoLoadLibraries Property

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NShape Reference
AutoLoadLibraries Property

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Specifies whether the project automatically loads missing libraries when opening a repository.


public bool AutoLoadLibraries { get; set; }


Specifies whether the project automatically loads missing libraries when opening a repository:

Property Value



This is the most secure setting. The application is responsible for adding all needed libraries. If a newer version of a needed library was added by the application, it will be used.

The project will not load any libraries when opening a repository. If a required library is not found in the currently loaded libraries when calling the Open method, a LoadLibraryException will be thrown.


This setting is required if your application does not work with a fixed set of libraries and should be able to open repositories that use unknown sets of libraries.

The project will try to load all needed libraries that were not added by the application. If loading a library fails, a LoadLibraryException will be thrown when calling the Open method.


Setting this property to true will open a potential security hole.

For more information on security concerns and the behavior of loading libraries, see documentation of the LibrarySerachPaths property.

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