NShape Programmer Tasks
Controlling User Access

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NShape Programmer Tasks
Controlling User Access

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There are may different types of applications that can be developed using NShape. Some of types of application, e.g. generic diagram editors, require that the end user of the application can access as many features of the framework as possible while other types of applications require that the end user's access to the framework's features is restricted. For the latter type of application, NShape provides a built-in security concept that allows to control user access on a very detailed level. For the underlying concepts see "Security".

The security concept is based on the ISecurityManager interface. NShape includes a reference implementation featuring customizable user roles with customizable access to the framework's features, the RoleBasedSecurityManager. In order to use it, you must

a)define user roles and their permissions. See "Defining User Roles and Permissions".

b)assign security domains to NShape object to control. See "Assigning Security Domains"

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