NShape Reference
Insert Method

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NShape Reference
Insert Method

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Inserts the given object(s) into the repository.


public void Insert(Design design)
public void Insert(Design design, IStyle style)
public void Insert(Model model)
public void Insert(IModelObject modelObject)
public void Insert(IModelObject modelObject, Template owner)
public void Insert(IEnumerable<IModelObject> modelObjects)
public void Insert(Template template)
public void Insert(IModelMapping modelMapping, Template template)
public void Insert(IEnumerable<IModelMapping> modelMappings, Template template)
public void Insert(Diagram diagram)
public void Insert(Shape shape, Diagram diagram)
public void Insert(Shape shape, Shape parent)
public void Insert(Shape shape, Template template)
public void Insert(IEnumerable<Shape> shapes, Diagram diagram)
public void Insert(IEnumerable<Shape> shapes, Shape parent)


Inserts the given object(s) from the repository. Child objects or contained objects are not inserted when calling this method.
Using this method is recommended if highest performance is need as it does no checks at all. All child objects and/or contained objects have to be inserted by the application, too.


You can enable consistency checks when linking the project "NShape" to your application's solution and add the conditional define REPOSITORY_CHECK.