NShape Concepts
Project and Libraries

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NShape Concepts
Project and Libraries

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The diagramming project is the central object for diagramming in an application. It holds all centralized information like the available shape and model object types, the repository, the command history and much more. The fact that the project is an object and not a global entity makes it possible to open and process two or more projects in the same application.

Libraries are .NET assemblies that contain implementations for shapes and/or model objects. They can be loaded statically or dynamically and must be registered with the diagramming project to make their shape and model object types available.

Libraries are identified by their full assembly names including the public token. Every project contains a list of the required library names. The libraries must be installed on the computer where the project is to be opened. The libraries are searched for following two strategies:

1.The .NET algorithm for resolving assembly names is employed first.

2.If library search paths are defined in the project, they are searched.

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